I have been in Helsinki for the past 7 months and thus the waves of homesickness has kicked in more often lately. While writing this I am thinking of my Dad and our occasional rare and random conversation, which makes me realized that I am very lucky to have a wise and loving father who has always supported me in everything that I do. He will always be an inspiration!

This writing below is from a few years back, when we chatted casually over our cups of coffee ^_^


Today, by Mr.Dad

“Focus your effort in succeeding, not winning.

Focus on achieving what you want in life, what you desire, what is most important for you. Why? Because when you focus on winning, someone else has to loose… And when you focus on winning, your ego may drive you to do things which may not be very kind. You may hurt others. You do not want to be hurt, so why hurt others?

But, when you focus to succeed,Β you are your own boss. Who can measure your success but yourself? Who can tell you when to go and when to stop? Only you. It will give you a personal satisfaction. It will give you pride. It will bring happiness without having to compare your achievement to others.

Remember one thing : never harm others. Be successful, but be kind. It is never about winning. It is about achieving. And you are your own judge. Just don’t be to hard on yourself, ok?”

Jakarta, 22 September 2014

Written by dewiloho

A wandering poet, a traveling yogi, a passionate knitter, and a self-taught baker

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