Another year of my life has just passed and I reflected back at its moments.

Those painted with changes, unexpected surprises, many things that has to be released and let go.

Those mind boggling things to accept, even when the logic refuse to accept.

It is never easy to face the change.

To think out of the box and to raise up to the challenge.

To realize that not everything is always black and white.

To realize that sometimes the best way to deal with a conflict is to raise the white flag and retreat back.

To realize that silence is sometimes the only thing you can do kindly even when it cost you an ego and some pride.

But at the end of the day, even the stormiest of storm will pass.

And one day you wake up to realize that you are this completely different person.

One that has tasted the good and the bad, the bitter and the sweet, the laughter and the tears.

Someone who has been scarred, once, twice, and many, but then decided to wear those scars with pride.

And on that day, the day I add another year to my age and many more days after, I count my blessings.

To focus on the beauty instead of the beast.

To discover all the hidden magic and grace which has previously been buried under all the rain and the storm.

Because without all the dark time, I will never appreciate the joy of being in the light.

Without the tears, I will never feel the true happiness of a heart felt smile, the one that shines from within.

A genuine laughter that gives twinkle in the eyes even when the lips are not smiling so wide.

The inner light, the moment of peacefulness, the time of happiness.

Everyone has their own story.

Everyone has their colorful history.

Our history may defines us, but it should not dictates us.

We have all been given our own set of colorful pen and paper.

To paint our dreams.

To write our poetry.

And to re-write our history.

Learn from the past, and be happy for the future.

Because every time your heart has been broken, it will transform into a million second of grace and light

And no one can ever dictates your moment of happiness but for yourself.



Koh Samui, Thailand – 22 July 2017

Written by dewiloho

A wandering poet, a traveling yogi, a passionate knitter, and a self-taught baker

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