I had a blissful morning at the fire ceremony. Chanting mantra while watching the teacher ignites the fire, watching it slowly grow to a glorious flame and dies down to ashes. It was a perfectly blissful morning.

I have been drawn to the practice of fire ceremony since the first time I experienced it back in 2011. Something inside me vibrates with the mantra, and the warmth of the fire ignites something that has long been dormant inside me. I could never explain the reason why, all I know is that I have always loved the feeling I have when sitting by the fire, closing my eyes, listening to the chanting and letting my heart feeling that strange tingles that comes especially if you are sitting right in front of the fire. There is something magical about watching a flame coming to life, as it dances it way up towards the sun.

You may ask, why the fire? The fire symbolizes the daughter of the sun, our main source of life giving energy. When we do a Fire Ceremony, also known as Agni Horta, we pay our respect to the sun, expressing our thanks and gratitude for all the blessing that has been given to us. It is a beautiful way to start a morning, to always be reminded to be grateful for what we have, what we don’t have, and especially for life and for simply being alive.

Fire burns the wood. The wood turned to ashes. I often see the fire as this tiny flame within us. Of dreams, hope, ambitions, … and Love. Our dreams are an ever living energy that keep us alive, keep us going even when things doesn’t always go our way. While Love, pure sincere love will give us the persistence to keep our dream alive, to never give up even when things get difficult from time to time.

Ashes, fruit of the fire, to me is a visual representation of the act of letting go. Of seeing our dreams turned to ashes every single time we ignite the fire. To teach us to never be attached of our worldly inhibitions and actions. We are made from ash, and to ash we will return. It is not something that we can change. We just have to accept it as part of our life, to realize fully that nothing in this world in permanent, that we always have to be ready to loose everything and to rebuilt our life from remnants of the ashes.

To let everything go as the sunset falls. To let the moon cools everything down in the silence of the night and then re-build your dreams everyday with the coming of the glorious sunrise. To be grateful as you watch the tiny flame grows within you. To let your heart be softly open, and allow the ashes to always be a reminder to let go, to be humble and to realize that everything in this world is beyond our control. Like my Teacher Tiwariji always say, to “hope for the best, prepare for the worst”. Because our duty is to do, and only do, without expecting anything to come out of it.

“Happiness is equal to result minus expectations. The least you expect, the happier you become” – OP Tiwari –

We live to believe

We live to dream

We live to love

And we shall never be afraid to let the fire burns us, to be born new, every single day.


Have a blissful Sunday!!

Koh Samui, Thailand – 23 July 2017

Written by dewiloho

A wandering poet, a traveling yogi, a passionate knitter, and a self-taught baker

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