My teacher, O.P Tiwari, said that in this life,

“There is no Sin, only Mistake. – The concept of sin creates the feeling of guilt which will later on lead to an unconscious process of self-condemnation. Self condemnation is the cause of many mental problems and a blockage for the human intellect”

He said that the belief that we are sinners creates fear of judgement, which then creates an imprisonment of the mind and lack of freedom. The concept of sin is of an absolute right and wrong written down like a book of moral conduct, without any consideration of personal situation and condition. Life, on the other hand, is not made of only black and white. We mostly live in the grey… A situation where everything is in between. A place of transition and transformation. At time when sometimes we do have to do wrong to get things right. But when we do things to follow our heart, when we do things out of good intention and love, even when it is not socially or morally right, does it mean that we have committed sin? Does our choices makes us sinners?

Mistakes, as are something more personal. When what is right and wrong is done based on our choice. A choice that we hopefully make with a good heart, good intention and clarity. Everyone make mistakes in their life. This is how we learn. This is how we grow. Without mistakes, we will not know the taste a failure, the feeling of sadness and the difficulties of life. But mistakes are reversible. It is not absolute. The choices to raise up and make changes and to fix our mistakes are in our hands. We have the choice to dwell in the pool of our mistakes, with sadness, guilt and anger, or to give life a second try. Or the third, fourth and so on.

We have the choice.

We have the freedom.

We  have the power to decide what we want to do in life, instead of allowing others to make those decision for us.

Our life belongs to us.

The kind of life where nothing is absolute.

And nothing is permanent.

The knowledge that we will always have the chance to fix our mistakes will take away the fear from trying. It will encourage us to take risk, to give life a try, and to have that moment in between where we are standing at the edge of the cliff thinking whether or not we should jump of the cliff, making our choices. And even when we decided to jump, we do it willingly with pure awareness and responsible use of our freedom.

Taking responsibility to our action will make us stronger and bring us to the road of maturity. It will take us inward, as with each failure or success, we will peel off another layer of our soul, cleansing our Samskara and learning from our past.  Allowing our heart to shine through sadness, misery, joy and happiness.

I was in Lourdes a few years go with my mother, and after 2 days of being constantly near the holy water of Lourdes, drinking from the spring, reciting prayers, washing my face and then taking a bath, I finally understand the Roman Catholic’s idea behind the Holy Water.

It doesn’t purify our sins.

But as we catch the water that runs from the spring to the river, it purifies our soul. As we watch the water running in between our fingers, washing away our pain and negativity, it slowly heals the source of our action and intention : the heart. It cleanses the mind from negativity, heals the heart from past wounds and aches. It changes our perspective of life, giving us a new hope for a fresh beginning, a courage to move forward and fearlessness to jump of the cliff from time to time.

The water brings us clarity of the mind and the purity of the heart – the two components that will help us decide the direction of our life and to make choices. With, or without mistakes. And when we do make mistakes, let it go. Move on, and try to make up for it the next time round. Forgive our self and be grateful for whatever comes. To always give thanks to everything that we have and we do not have.

Life is composed of series of actions, intentions and mistakes. To be free is to allow yourself to make mistakes, to learn and grow from it every single day. Without fear.


Koh Samui, Thailand – 26 July 2017




Written by dewiloho

A wandering poet, a traveling yogi, a passionate knitter, and a self-taught baker

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