This story was once published in one of my favorite online magazine – and is actually a combination of two stories which I have somehow managed to combine together – hopefully quite seamlessly. I am not so sure when I wrote this, maybe sometimes in 2013 or 2014 and as usual, it is always nice to re-read what I wrote in the past. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do! ^_^


Re-writing Love


I was asked to write about Love.

“Come on Dewi, be honest. You know that you can do this. A sensual part of writing is like getting naked to have other people see into the most private side of you while you tickle their mind in silence.” My friend said over our cup of coffee during one of our monthly catching up session.

Her request got me thinking. Yes I have always loved writing. I wrote poems, short stories, random essays, but what do I know about love? So she said “Its easy! Have you been in love? Have you been broken hearted? How did you cope? Have you been in love again after the heart was broken? How was it different from the one before? How did you love? In the Past? Now? Write your feelings. Your thoughts. You heart. Writing only requires one thing, your honesty. And with honesty the words will flow”

I have been in love, loved and broken hearted. A time that seems to be a lightyear away when it was only a few years back. And I somehow still remembered the pain vaguely, how miserable the mornings were and those sleepless nite spent trying to fall asleep. I came to the practice of yoga and meditation to quiet my mind. To let go off all those pain and to stop thinking. To find a moment of peacefulness that will allow me to heal, gain clarity and slowly rebuild what was left of me after almost a decade long relationship. I did not know any other form of love but the kind I had with him, and the thought of having to let go and move on was painful enough that I crumbled to the floor each time I tried to pick up pieces of the broken heart.

It took me time.


Quiet moments.

And too many hours of yoga classes.

Until one day I woke up and suddenly the body felt lighter. The mind was clearer. The heart was slightly more open. I could breathe deeper as if a heavy burden has been magically lifted from my chest, freeing some space to allow my heart to expand and fill up the emptiness left by those pieces that has been broken and fallen apart. Could this be a new beginning? I stepped out of the bed and stood on a pair of legs that felt new. They seemed to be stronger and I could feel theΒ  solid ground once more. Knowing that I could walk and actually feel alive, a little bit more than the day before

I would love to think that I have completely healed me, though I still wonder if this is the truth. Getting over pain and letting go doesn’t mean that you are ready to move on. Sometimes we float so much in that empty space in between the past and the future and living an aimless present. To be numb and living the day emotionless. Thinking that we are doing good when in fact its just a blanket over misery and loneliness.

I remembered being cynical for awhile, and I think remnants of those cynicism is still in my blood, making a come back from time to time, believing that all true love and fairytales are fiction created by Walt Disney and existed exclusively in the dream world of Disneyland and the Seven Dwarfs. I convinced myself that what matter most will be for me to be emotionally independent and to continuously being strong.

My yoga teacher, Paul Dallaghan, told me once that being in a relationship for 9 years is more like being married. And that a separation after such a long time of being together is like a divorce. Your life has been so much intertwined that the roots are tangled. When separation comes, the roots are forced to stand on their own and the tree is shaken. For a while it will struggle to keep strong. To learn how to absorb the right nutrients for the body of the tree on its own. Its not easy. But its possible. It will take time. But its doable. He told me that being strong doesn’t mean that you have to be numb to pain. Being strong means that you allow yourself to cry. Allow yourself to be fully destroyed, crumbled, be fragile and drop down in defeat. At this very moment of darkness, the sprit will become stronger. Cause at that very moment of unloved, you will re- learn love. To re-write love. Starting from yourself.

So I took my first lesson in love. Learning to love myself more. To have no fear. To have no guilt. To learn how to be free. To be free from my own troubled mind. In those moment of a solitary journey, you have the chance to listen to yourself more. Without the voices of others. Some may call it selfish. Some may think that its weird. But I think that the best gift a separation could give is a gift of love. Of loving ourself beyond anything else. Of listening to our heart without fearing that we may hurt others. Of learning that only from the space of love, we can be happy.

It took me 4 years to rebuild everything that i thought I have lost. Was I full of regrets? Not really… It was tough. But it took me to a place where I should be. It was a beautiful gift from life. A lesson that can only be learned through experience. And when we learned it well, life will send another lesson. This time though, you will be more prepared.

I still cant define love, or describe love. And I don’t think that I will ever be able too. But what I know true for me is that to love begins with your self. That you have to love yourself enough before opening your heart to another. To be ok with the prospect of joy, happiness, pain or misery. To have the courage to open up a space, make time for another and at the same time be willing to be exposed and fragile. To allow the world to crumble from time to time and to have the strength and courage to pick up the pieces and glue all things back seamlessly.

History cannot be erased, and the past exist as a guide to the present. I cannot change what has passed, but I could re-write my story, my dream and makes it closer to the reality. To enjoy all the happy moments while it last, while at the same time getting ready for it to pass when the time comes.

To follow the heart desire…

To re-write Love…

And simply be happy for Now…


About The WriterΒ 

Dewi is a hopeless romantic who believes in magic, love, dream and fairytales. She loves to travel, read, write and spend a lot of time with her pens and paper trying to capture images that run freely in her mind. On her down time, she can be found in the kitchen, baking her favorite cakes, or in her jewelry workshop in Bali, playing with gemstones and all things beautiful.

Written by dewiloho

A wandering poet, a traveling yogi, a passionate knitter, and a self-taught baker

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