I want a flirtation that doesn’t end with a honeymoon.

Kisses that linger for days.

Love that taste as fresh as the morning dew.
I want a desire that doesn’t end with the first nite we spend together.

Passion that last from midnight to the next sunrise and more.

Love that feel warm, fuzzy and tingles, electrifying each cells of the brain, messing up with the mind.

I want romance that doesn’t end with the first bunch of flowers on a Valentine’s.

Sweetness that will not end after you put a ring on my finger.

Love that last through time, until our hair turns grey and our smiles are colored with lines and wrinkles..

I want days that are filled with plenty of hugs and kisses,

… on my lips and my forehead.

Hours that are overflowing with smiles and laughters, flirtations and love.. 

Seconds full of twinkles in our eyes, finger touching and the feel of your hands on the warm of my back.

I want a boxful of flowers on a random day,

…. or a single flower petal hidden inside the palm of your hand as a surprise, unknowingly picked from our tiny backyard. 

I want a long walk along the river, as we are holding each other hands, my head resting in your arms..

I want to end everyday inside your big warm hug, watching you looking into my eyes as I look into yours, feeling your fingers running through my hairs, your legs tangling mine and your arms around me tightly, not letting me go.. 

I want a life that showers us with unfading sunlight and moonglow. A love story that keeps us strong in our joy and sadness, light and darkness. A romance that last to the end of our time together, until we both turn to dust and be scatterred to the wind, forever intertwined in our kind of magical universe. 

I want a life, a love story, a romance, with you…
“Love is a feeling of heart surrender, grown freely forever” – OP Tiwari – 
Copenhagen, 28 August 2017 

Written by dewiloho

A wandering poet, a traveling yogi, a passionate knitter, and a self-taught baker

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