They are your window to the worlds

Within their pages, a mystery of life unfolds

Between each lines, our imagination runs free

With each words, we travel through time and space

In those pages, our story becomes a reality


My love affair with books went far back to my first childhood memory. Of a suitcase full of books brought back from dad’s recent travels, and mom’s wooded shelf, bursting with colorful hardcovers and paperbacks.

A faint memory of a little girl hiding in a closet after another run of bookstore hopping, happy, dreamy, constantly infatuated with words and stories.


Within those pages,

For once…

The world is mine

For a moment…

My imagination comes alive


I was a child growing up with colorful story books

I was a girl constantly lost in my own wild thoughts and imaginations

I was a teenager skipping study time in the old convent girl’s school dormitory to hide under the bedcover with my torch and storybook

I was a college girl growing up in a peaceful confinement of my white washed bedroom and shelfs of books, keeping warm through the harsh Boston winter night, while occasionally braving the snow to venture to the dark treasure of a vintage bookshop just around the corner from my tiny apartment

I could not remember a single day when I am not in love… because, even when the heart gets numb from time to time, even when life kills some of your dreams and take away the light of your soul, a story will bring back a little bit of those passion, will ignite the fire, and lights up the heart…

The magic will stay…

The string of hopes will continue…

The story will keep everything alive…

Beyond words,

Beyond time,

Beyond us…

Let your imagination runs free – the story is yours to tell, and forever will it be.


Helsinki, 1 September 2017

Written by dewiloho

A wandering poet, a traveling yogi, a passionate knitter, and a self-taught baker

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