A Fear to Love is the greatest fear of all. As a human being, we crave for love but we fear rejection, and thus we have the tendency to close our heart, to put up a wall that guard our fragile heart. 

Eka Pada Raja Kapotanasana is both a Hip and Heart opening posture. The Hip is the area of the second chakra, which governs emotion and relationship. While the Heart is the area of the fourth chakra, one that encourage love, gratefulness, forgiveness and compassion. To practice this Asana is to allow your body to slowly melt into a deep backbend while creating a feeling of great expansion in the heart. To explore the feeling of love, to ignite your long-loss passion, and to believe that Love, is the greatest gift of all. 

Love comes in waves of giving and receiving.. It is always harder to accept than to give. When you accept, you become vulnerable.. You open up a space which has been closed for a while.. And it takes courage to be exposed, to be vulnerable, to be loved. When you give love, you are in control.. When you accept love, you are giving up your control…  

Both of my teachers, OP Tiwari and Paul Dallaghan always says, “have trust.” Including a trust in life.. The process of life.. This is how your practice will grow. This is how you will find the truth… 

By trying

By failing

Through experience

And by never giving up on Love..
Be Courageous, Be Love and Be Free

Are you ready?

Helsinki, 4 September 2017 

Written by dewiloho

A wandering poet, a traveling yogi, a passionate knitter, and a self-taught baker

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