Take me to a place

Where the time stops

And the sound of nature greets the sunsets

While the sunrise peaks from the hills in the horizon
A space where there is nothing 

But when nothing becomes everything

When all the senses intensify

And each movements are being captured from the corner of my eyes
I see what i don’t usually see

I hear what i don’t usually hear

I feel what i don’t usually feel
A new sanctuary

A fresh ground and stability
I want the time to stand still

So that I can converse with the stars

Dance with the moon

Flirt with the wind

And fall in love with every sunset that welcomes the twilight
To welcome the unknown with a hug

To find comfort in the random uncertainties and love

To fade the fear and bring smile to the heart

A heart that shines an eternal light

A heart that continues living, even after the Earth collides
I asked nothing but for a little moment 

To hide in my space that knows no time

To feel and be for a little while

Even when its only til the next sunrise

… Love

… And be with a beating heart

A heart that keeps everything, 

Every little thing, 

… Alive.. 

Mumbai, 9 September 2017 

Written by dewiloho

A wandering poet, a traveling yogi, a passionate knitter, and a self-taught baker

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