Life is about making choices. 

How do you choose to spend your time? Would you rather spend more time for leisure, or would you rather spend your time to take care of what is necessary? To take care of life, learning, family and practice? 

You only have 24 hours everyday – of which you have to decide – what is the most important thing for you in life? What is it that will make you get up every morning to do your practice? Where does the motivation comes from? What do you want to get out of it? 

Or do you even want to get anything at all? Is it even about getting something out of it? Or can you keep on going regardless of where it takes you? 

To develop trust and surrender, to allow things to happen in its own time, without continuously searching, looking and questioning. My Teacher OP Tiwari always said that “trust comes when you have no more question”, when all your questions disappeared and you do not feel the need to keep on looking outside because you have all the answer within you.  

Before that time comes, ask all the question you want. Understand what you are doing. Look for the knowledge, embrace it and let the practice transforms you from the inside. Never questions the answer that you already know. Make your choice, commit to it, and surrender everything. 

Only Time and Patience will bring you the result. Result will take a long time. Before that, continue your practice, and never expect anything in return. Everything will happen in its own time. 

“Do not get swayed. Don’t let life shake you from your path. Stay clear of who you are, where you are and why you are here in the first place. People comes and goes. Relationship changes and transforms. But you have to stay clear, focus and always be honest to yourself” – O.P Tiwari – 

Lonavla, 16 September 2017

Written by dewiloho

A wandering poet, a traveling yogi, a passionate knitter, and a self-taught baker

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